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Our production of PET preforms, in compliance with the BRC Pack5 food standards, is the result of an extensive experience in the mineral water market. We work every day to meet the varied demands of our customers; our laboratories guarantee high quality and possibility of customisation in terms of shape and colour.


Our commitment
to the environment

Garda Plast is sensitive to environmental issues and committed to reducing its environmental footprint. Our contribution starts with production: we market products that are versatile and more resistant, which allows us to meet various needs and for longer time; we also focus on proper waste disposal, recycling and reduction of CO2 emissions. For us, being sustainable is not only a responsibility, but a promise that we make to ourselves, to our employees and to our customers. It is a value we developed and that is consolidating over time.

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    The ransom of plastic came with the pandemic

    It is recyclable, it is not toxic, in terms of CO2 it impacts less than glass and aluminium. And during the emergency, he prevented the spread of the contagion. That’s why it’s time [...]

    20 April 2017
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    Garda Plast and Gruber Logistics sign logistics agreement

    Gruber Logistics, South Tyrolean transport and logistics company with a turnover of 340 million and 24 offices located in Asia and Europe, has acquired a branch of the company Garda Plast S.p.A [...]

    20 April 2017
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    Garda Plast
    acquires 100% of Ifap

    Garda Plast, controlled by Progressio Investimenti II, Fund acquires Ifap S.p.A.. Garda Plast is a leading player in Italy in the production of P.E.T preforms for mineral [...]

    15 March 2017